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The Secret to Everything is Your Perception

Introduction: The human mind is an exceptional tool capable of both exquisite reasoning and monumental miscalculation. Often, we fall victim to the latter by allowing unchecked assumptions to dominate our thought processes, thereby coloring our perception of reality....

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Release Expectations and Unlock Inner Peace

Introduction: Expectations have a sneaky way of infiltrating our lives, attaching themselves to desired outcomes and stealing our precious energy. Let us delve into the depths of human perplexity, untangling the web of expectations that entrap us. It is by...

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How Lawyers Can Pursue a ‘Wonderful Life’

BY JAMES GRAY ROBINSON James Gray Robinson.   It is a new year, and the reruns of It’s a Wonderful Life have finally stopped. During this holiday season, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the movie, and there are certain themes from the film that lawyers can...

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Does Your Self-Image Generate Satisfaction or Stress

Does Your Self-Image Generate Satisfaction or Stress

Examining the words that define your goals will unearth the real cause of your stress – and new paths to satisfaction and happiness. Many professionals experience stress because their belief systems guarantee that their desires will never be achieved. One definition...

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