Beyond Physical Matter

Embark on a transformative journey with “Beyond Physical Matter,” a captivating health, healing, and longevity documentary featuring the renowned Sir James Gray.

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Is There Something Beyond the Physical Senses That Is the Root Cause of All Physical Matter?

Have we been looking in all the wrong places to find the answers and solutions to how life works, to see what is the causative force behind health, healing and longevity?

Join us for this fast-paced, cinematic documentary with host Sir Don Boyer, who, once again with his team, travels around the world to discover what lies beyond physical matter.

He explores and talks with some of the most profound scientists, energy masters, and HEBs (highly evolved beings) to discover the real secrets that go beyond the physical senses and “Beyond Physical Matter.”

In this sure-to-be award-winning film, you will discover the latest quantum field modalities, the newest technologies, and the brilliant minds behind them.

This cinematic film has been musically scored by a leading music composer and custom-designed to make your viewing pleasure a frequent experience.

The film and its music are created through the modalities of energy and frequency and are coming to you in 2024!

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Beyond Physical Matter
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