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Introducing The Shift

The Shift is one-on-one coaching with James, a world-renowned healer. It is designed to help you find the hidden reasons for your suffering and solve them once and for all in less than 6 hours.

Why Is The Shift the Solution to Your Problems?

The Shift program allows you to discover the real cause of your struggles and heal them for good in less than 6 hours. James designed The Shift Program to be a comprehensive solution for lawyer stress. James is a world-renowned healer and coach with over 20 years of experience and expertise in 30+ healing modalities.

Here Is How We Do This Together

Find the Hidden Reasons for Your Suffering

The journey starts with a deep self-evaluation session to find the cause of your challenges. By exploring your personal history, we uncover the reason and lay the groundwork for your healing, growth, and ultimate breakthrough.

Personalized Life Coaching Session

The next two sessions are designed to help you deal with stress. With access to 30+ unique healing modalities, James uses a unique combination of neuroscience, neurobiology and neuroplasticity, epigenetics, mind-body-spirit medicine, and brain/heart integration to help you heal and grow.

Mental Support as You Evolve

As you embark on your journey, having a reliable and compassionate support system is crucial. With unwavering commitment and a wealth of knowledge, James provides consistent mental support to guide you through your journey.

Additional Programs

The Solution

Want to break free from the emotional barriers hindering your growth?

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To break free from your unconscious barriers, I will design a custom program to help you with your specific issues. This is intense, transforming, and mind-changing work that will require your willingness and participation. It is confidential, one-on-one, and effective.

Change Your Mind Package

Do you want to change something significant in your life?

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Do you need a practical perspective on a life issue you can’t figure out alone? This package will help you identify what you need to work on to improve your life.

Vision Session

Not sure what you want?

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Do you need advice on a specific issue that is bothering you? Do you have a simple life question that needs mentoring? Book a one-on-one consultation to discover your potential.


I am a CA Bar taker and local Realtor in a very competitive Southern CA area and on the way to achieving greatness, found it very important to consult with an experienced and successful attorney to help me find my way back to being successful, so contacted Gray Robinson. I specialize in divorce listings and even have a divorce book that I give out to divorced people and he has taught me to not be intimidated by these people (some are high net worth people whose homes are easily $5 million plus!) and he has taught me some basic mantras to use in my life which will carry me throughout my lifetime.

I am extremely grateful to your help and advice where you share your life experiences in being successful and equate it to simply feeling grateful and positive with what I have accomplished thus far in my own journey. I spend so much time chasing big things that I forgot to enjoy the present moment and my journey!
With just one session, I knew that Gray was someone who is successful, and very caring, and happy to share his experiences and expertise in a warm manner with compassion and wisdom. I highly recommend Gray to anyone who may feel frustrated, struggle from time to time on the legal path or in life in general.

I was able to tap into my feelings with him, something that I have been blocked from in a long time. To see things as an opportunity instead of feeling personally attacked in high stressful situations, he has shown me how to go back to being bold, confident, joyful, successful, caring, and last but not least, have it all now versus waiting for some magical moment to arrive.

Gray Robinson is the real deal and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who wants to succeed in life, law industry or not.I am extremely lucky I was able to work with him, am very grateful to him for his help, and sincerely look forward to becoming a great lawyer and Realtor because of his help. I am also in acting and that has it’s struggles too because we are literally left up to fate whenever we get work, but I know with a positive mindset and outlook, good things are headed. Words cannot thank how appreciative I am. I am excited and looking forward to the great success that is coming! So, when I pass the CA Bar this November…..I truly do have Mr.Robinson to thank.

– Sincerely, Marissa Bergado

I want to thank you Gray for quickly and easily helping me transform the regrets and stress I have been carrying for decades into bliss and joy. Our session was very thought provoking and uplifting. Your background as a practicing lawyer made you uniquely qualified to help me. If I had known it would be this easy and fun I definitely would have talked to you years ago. If anyone reading this is considering having a session with you, my advice is to run, not walk to sign up!

– Seth Kramer

Gray I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the advice you gave me back in December. It helped me turn a very scary time into something positive and I can now say that I found a great opportunity to further my career after getting to spend a good portion of the summer at home with my wife and kids. I’m not sure how much I could have handled without the paradigm shift prompted by you. I wish you the best and continue to enjoy reading your posts and articles.

– Chris Zieglar (SC atty)

I was a judge in the Twenty-First Judicial District of North Carolina for twenty-eight years. I had a unique opportunity to see attorneys at their best as well as their worst. Frequently it was quite obvious that my fellow members of the bar were having emotional or substance abuse problems. At times I would discreetly ask if they needed assistance and other times some would approach me and ask for help.

I had an opportunity to review Mr. Robinson’s manuscript and was impressed by the thoroughness of the program. I believe that this program has the potential to improve anyone’s life, and in some cases actually save some lives.

-William B. Reingold
Chief District Court Judge (Retired)
Twenty-First Judicial District, North Carolina

Truly a Powerful Product with practical tested tools!!

-Georgena Eggleston, MA, RSCP, CRS
Trauma and Grief Recovery Expert
Author, A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief

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