In my 27 years of practicing law, there were many instances where I felt burdened, not by the physical weight, but by the weight of past regrets, decisions, and cases. Similar to how I felt trapped by my past in my career, many of us carry the weight of our past on our backs daily, affecting our mental and emotional health. Surprisingly, this might even impact our physical well-being.


Why Our Past Weighs Us Down

There is a reason why the adage “let go of the past” exists. The unresolved traumas, regrets, and memories can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. While not physically tangible, this mental weight can manifest in physical ways: overeating for comfort, disruptive sleep patterns, and lethargy due to emotional exhaustion. All these contribute to unwanted weight gain.

There is also a scientific correlation between emotional baggage and physical weight gain. Our body responds to stress by releasing cortisol. Excessive cortisol can cause increased appetite, leading one to put on pounds. When we emotionally carry past burdens, our cortisol levels may remain elevated, which essentially means that our bodies are carrying these grievances too. The emotional pain eventually leads to physical changes.


Letting Go for A Healthier You

✨Acknowledge and Accept: Recognize the weight of your past. It’s okay to admit that some memories or experiences are affecting your current well-being.

✨Seek Professional Help: Sometimes, speaking to a therapist or a coach can offer insights and tools to help process and move past traumas or regrets.

✨Practice Mindfulness and Meditation: Ground yourself in the present. The past is gone, and all you have control over is the present moment.

✨Exercise Regularly: Physical activities release endorphins, natural mood lifters. They also help in shedding the physical weight alongside the emotional one.



Throughout my own journey of transformation, I realized the importance of letting go. The past, if clung to, can be a heavy load. But remember, it is a choice to carry it. Our past doesn’t have to define us. By letting go, we give ourselves the chance to heal, grow, and yes, even lose that extra weight. If you’re looking to start afresh, remember: “The easiest way to lose weight is to quit carrying the past around on your back.”


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